The Newtown Shooting

Newtown 1

I had plenty to tweet about Newtown last night. But now I’m thinking that, for me, this is the kind of thing that is perhaps best expressed differently, through art. I’ve taken a stylistic cue from the painting I did for the 16 Days of Action event, though this time I’ve used the figure of a boy, and added in more writing: in this case some of the many thousands of tweets this awful event has generated.

Lots of words, lots of handwringing. But will there be any meaningful action as a result of this?

There are parallels in this, at least from my perspective. In South Africa’s case, our constitution (inspired in part by the original great constitution, that of the US) is wonderful, but often not meaningful in practice – which is why we need organizations like Lawyers Against Abuse.

But shootings like the one in Newtown become grotesque political footballs because of the US constitution, and the Second Amendment that stipulates the right to bear arms. Every gun is sacred, it seems.

Joyce Carol Oates

This morning on Sky I saw an apparently sane man cite Nazi Germany as a reason for not tightening up America’s gun laws. I think, perhaps, it is better that I not add any more to the many thousands, probably millions of words that this debate has generated and will continue to do so.

In the mean time, 20 children and 5 adults shot in cold blood lie dead.

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