I painted this on the same intensely productive Saturday morning I painted most of the other work (with the exception of Bateleur) but ended up not liking it enough to put it on sale at the event. A little girl in red stands in a wide landscape, alone, with only the owl to look to for evidence that she is not alone.

The title and the presence of the owl – a Spotted Eagle Owl, Bubo africanus – alludes to the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, justice and just warfare. Entirely appropriate for the work of Lawyers Against Abuse then. I am fascinated by Greek myth because I grew up with it, and it resonates with me on some profound level. Even as a little girl, I drew inspiration from the fact that the Greeks designated a woman the embodiment of all these wonderful qualities. (Then again, the Greeks were profoundly sexist and, much like the French revolutionaries for whom the figure of Liberty was a woman, didn’t actually carry through this reverence into daily life.)

A3 in size, this painting is for sale as are all the works on this site. Half of the proceeds go to Lawyers Against Abuse. The price is R1500.



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One thought on “Athena

  1. The owl of Minerva?

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