Why LvA needs funds

Let me be free

Words are dangerous. Words like “gender-based violence” stand in for huge, immovable, insurmountable issues, and in a way, give us permission to do nothing about it. But stories are different. Stories remind us that suffering is real. They invoke a response. They force us to feel.

These stories have two things in common: they’re about women who have been victimized by those closest to them – and Lawyers Against Abuse had to pass the case on because of lack of resources. The more funds we raise, the more LvA will be able to help

Margi’s husband has been severely beating her for years.  A few months ago the beatings escalated, and her snapped her arm completely in three different places.  Margi escaped to a shelter and received an interim protection order.  She turned to LvA for help in getting a permanent protection order.

Results:  LvA stepped in and performed a detailed interview and assessment.  Due to lack of resources, Margi was referred to probono.org.  She hasn’t been heard from again.

Elaine’s ex-husband has been stalking her and threatening to hurt her even worse than he did when they were married.  He is also threatening to kidnap their children.  Elaine turned to LvA for help.

Results: Due to lack of funds, LvA referred Elaine to Livingstone Attorneys and will advise as needed.

Note: names and identifying details have been changed.

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